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Our Stones

Each stone is found along the Salish sea shoreline and individually designed by hand by me, Pete.

I developed the process of how each stone is made and one stone takes me 5 days to create  ..

Creating Salish Sea Stone Art: from mountain to finished product

1) I find beautifully shaped stones that are sometimes millions of years old: they start their journey from the local mountains her on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where the rivers shape them as they tumble down on their way to the Salish Sea.


2) I then clean the stone and apply a minimum of 7 coats of paint, allowing it to dry thoroughly between each coat, which can take up to 3 days for this phase.


3) Then I apply the transferrable images and any writing applicable to the unique stone. Then the stone needs to be left to dry for a further day.


4) Sealant is applied to give it a polished appearance and left for one further day to dry. 


5) Following this I apply felt to the base of the stone so that it is now ready to be given as a donation or taken to the sales outlets with the proceeds going to the local First Nation kids.


It's a long, but enjoyable process!

You can support our project today!

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